Thursday, 10 April 2014

FHM Photoshoot 8 Page Spread

FHM (For Him Magazine) Singapore have decided to do an 8-page spread with me, a Singaporean lady biker, in conjunction with that month's theme of Speed as we jumped into the Formula 1 Grand Prix season in September 2013.

My morning shoot with the crew started early at 9:00am and I had difficulty dragging my ass outta bed because it was raining - the perfect weather to stay home snuggle in bed and sleep. But! I know the shoot was going to be fun so off I went in my pink jumpsuit, to the studio.

Getting dolled up

Upon reaching, my stylist/make-up artist was already there with her kit all set up and ready to doll me up! I starved the night before and skipped breakfast just so it wouldn't require me too much strength to suck in my stomach (uh~) during the shoot as it being FHM, it was all two piece lingerie baring a lot of skin. Oh and there wasn't much clothes styling to be done because I was wearing little.

The original plan was to actually shoot me with my Ducati Hypermotard and donning a more edgy biker chick image but last minute the plans changed and so it was lingerie. Oh well~

Giving a sexy pose for the camera man LOL

I'm pretty cool with it because it's all just for fun's sake. I mean c'mon, I ain't gonna do this foreverrrr and besides, 20 - 50 years down the road, do you think I'd still do these kinda photoshoots? Obviously not, especially when everything droops with gravity hahaha. Oh man, will I have trouble finding my tummy next time because my boobs are in the way? Omg. It's okay, aging is a beautiful thing so let's just embrace that fact and age gracefully. 

Anyway for those people who think "oh she's a slut that's why she do this kinda shoot", whateverrrrr do I look like I care? No -rolles eyes- Go f yourself, go for a holiday or something. Or go bake some muffins.

First shot

So anyway! Back to the photo shoot :) The first shot was under some bedsheets to create a soft and cosy feel. I had to hold the sheets as I was lying down, I could feel the muscle in my arm burning, so tiring! Lol this is the result of lack of exercise hurhur. After all that fumbling around, there's the shot!

Kung fu unglam pose
Next, was the in-your-guy's-tshirt style. As we were waiting for the photographer to adjust the lighting, my friend who accompanied me for the shoot told me to give a sexy kung fu pose - and so I did. Sexy? Lol. I was being unglam again.

"Ok vaune, act like you're having fun drinking water" said the photographer.

How is drinking water fun? I thought.

Instead, I just gave a "mm! drinking water is healthy! yum!" look. I supposed that did it so yeah, that was the second shot! In an oversized denim shirt.

My kind stylist swiping dust off my feet
The next shot was done in an enclosed room where there was naturally light shining in through the windows that gave a more "glowy" look so I would look more.. angelic? Maybe.

Third Shot

Ok I don't look angelic at all. Hahaha but if the photographer says "OK great! we got it!" means we got it.

Photographer and I
Due to space constraints here, I was figuring how to play around with the position of my arms and legs so as to fit into the capture points of the camera and yet look very comfortable at the same time. As there isn't a mirror in front to reflect my facial expression, how I gauge the look I'm exuding is to get into the mood and listen to the photographer's voice.

That's why they say, modeling is just like acting. When you're able to act out the emotion, the expression is accurately captured.

Followed by another two more shots and that's a wrap! Overall the photoshoot was very professionally done and it was pretty fast as well because the photographer said I could get into the different kind of mood quickly hence producing the facial expression and body language he was looking for. Hehe :p

If you missed the issue, not to worry as FHM Singapore is now available for purchase and viewing online at My spread was also featured in FHM Thailand :) Along with an interview on the bikes I ride and the dirt biking I do.

Now that the shoot is done, let's PIG OUTTTT hahahaha ah... my starvation is over. Nasi lemak, chicken rice, satay, hokkien mee, bring it on!!