Sunday, 19 April 2015

Liqui Moly : The Go-Kart Challenge

After last week's Dirt Bike Enduro Race, it's time to show some love for 4 wheelers too as we take on Liqui Moly's Exclusive Karting Challenge today!

Credits to skillministry
Clinching the title of the best oil in Germany while also specializing in automotive lubricants and additives, we have Liqui Moly proudly putting together an energetic and interactive karting event, held at Kartright Speedway.

With me and my Drift Ghost HD Action Camera fully charged, we are ready to get on the action at my very first go-kart session! I've never kart before so honestly, I was a bit nervous. What if I hit someone from the back and break his neck? What if I do a back flip after mounting the curb and the kart breaks into pieces? My imagination can run pretty wild.

It's a girl thing. I think.

As much as we love our two wheelers, it's always good to try something different once in a while!
We let our rides take a short break as we went for some fun on the rear-wheel drive karts!

The turn out was good, with the registration booth flooded with waves of go-kart enthusiasts since 9:00am.

In Singapore, for any automobile that travels more than 50km/h, you'll need to have a Class 3/3A driving license to operate it. Which means, sadly, those that forgot their driving license weren't allowed to kart.

All lined up
Our ears were open while the safety briefing was conducted but our distracted eyes were on the neatly lined up karts, all waiting for us to rock their asses and burn some rubberrrr. Vroom vroom!

Harold on Team Vaune
Many race participants were representing a team or a workshop. With a T-shirt made specially by Route 82, there you have it! With no surprise, my team is called TEAM VAUNE! LOL.

EdWIN, as his name suggests, to WIN for Team Vaune

Hehe out of my team of 5, I'm so proud to have two kart professionals, Harold & Edwin!

Getting ready
For each round, a group of 10 participants will fight it out for their best lap timing to qualify for the finals. Out of more than 50 participants, only the top 20 will be selected, before narrowing down to the final 10 where they vie for podium.

Wah.. machiam looking at what sia
Each time they completed their laps, they'd rush to the TV like a hot babe appearing on screen and they'll all be like..


But nah, they're all just eager to find out their lap timings before getting into an excited discussion on whether they'd get into the finals.

Me, trying to look aggressive

A discussion that I was obviously not gonna be included. Lol.

With Chris
But its okay, I'm having so much fun anyway! Most importantly, I didn't collide with anyone on track nor did I do a back flip like I imagined, so yay! Thanks to all the useful pointers that were given by experienced go-karters, which they basically said "Just step on the accelerator all the way, no need to brake".

Hmm sounds familiar, just like when we ride, they always say "When in doubt, just throttle".

Well, sometimes accelerating all the way works for some, and sometimes it doesn't.

Harold for Team Vaune
"Follow my line" said the very helpful Harold. 

When he passed me by on the track, I thought "Oh yeah! Now's the time to follow his line and kart like a pro!"

I totally tailed him, for like 0.623 seconds (about 0.5 metre?) and poof, he disappeared.

The Top 10 vying for podium
After the qualifying laps, we had lunch and refreshments before the Top 10 finalists competed against each other; screeching tyres at the corners and tailing each other's asses under the sweltering heat.

Who will these belong to?
Edwin with Lars, Head of Liqui Moly Asia
After much anticipation, the results are out!
Congrats to Edwin for coming in as one of the Top 10 finalists!

Happy Harold
Congratulations to Harold for coming in 2nd Place overall, taking home not just a big trophy but also...

Tadadada! A picture with a stunning electric blue Lamborghini Murcielago! Oh how I wish we could drive it home.

Ah.. What a way to spend Sunday karting at the tracks!

Thank you Liqui Moly Asia for the exclusive invitation to a well-organized and interactive karting event challenge where every one had a piece of the fun with some adrenaline pumped. 

Now let's see who's body will be aching tomorrow :p

Saturday, 18 April 2015

LIVE ON AIR : MediaCorp Radio 98.7 with Sonia Chew


It's my first time on Mediacorp Radio 98.7FM, Singapore's No.1 HITS radio station. Having almost half a million listeners, how not to feel a bit nervous? Then again, what an awesome way to start FRIDAY!

Credits to 98.7FM
On the Bright Side Morning Show with DJ Sonia, we're gonna talk about my upcoming motorcycling trip from Singapore - Mount Everest Base Camp! So glad to be able to share this with all of you, bikers or not.

We have arrived
I guiltily admit that I'm not exactly the most punctual person all the time (uh oh, I hear friends screaming in agreement), but you know, some things can wait a little, some things can't! Like going on RADIO.

I'm ready!
Despite the usual morning peak hour jam, I managed to get to the Radio Building earlier than my scheduled interview time. Which was good, cuz it gave me some time to settle in.

Chilling in the studio
98.7FM studio is so cosy!! The atmosphere felt to relaxed with warm lights and like.. a thousand and one microphones around. Left right center all also have. Met the ever so cute Sonia, where she told me not to worry about a thing.

"Hey Sonia, will there be a set of questions you'll be asking me that I need to prepare for?"

"Oh, yeah. The usual questions lah, no need to prepare one"

What is "usual questions"? What if she asks me something and I stumble over my words, unsure of how best to answer? Howww?

"Don't worry la, you'll be fineee! Hahaha" she laughed, as she went on air.

Sound Check
Hello, testing 1,2,3. 

My heart beating quite fast, check out my nervous face man.

Lights, camera and mic ready! Not just on radio, but on 98.7FM Radio TV too.
Let's go!

Sonia was superb. She made it so comfortable that I almost forgot I was on air. We talked about how I started riding, how my family and friends feel about it, and all the preparations I need for the trip of my life, riding from Singapore - Mount Everest B.C. solo.

I just can't wipe that smile off my face when talking about bikes and the feeling it gives you, like a freedom rushing through your veins!

When Sonia asked me "the" question
Talking about bikes like boys do but giggling like girls, as much as I ride a motorbike, I'm still very much a woman! I love make up, dressing up in dresses and killer heels too.

With Soni
Thank you Sonia and 98.7FM for having me today! What a wonderful experience it was from start to end! #OneForTheBikers! Hahaha If you missed it, not to worry, the whole interview should be up on Radio TV soon so stay tuned!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Prepped' Up! By The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash & Specialist

They say our eyes are like windows to our soul.
We can talk with them without having to speak a word.

I think guys would know that especially when their woman is pissed. Haha, right?

Much thanks to The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash & Specialist, I'm getting my eyebrows and eyelashes enhanced! So even when I'm in my full face helmet, you can see my eyelashes flutter in style.

Credits to The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

Among celebs like Bong Qiuqiu, socialites like Kim Lim, Dawn Yang and other beautiful women, I'm privileged to try out this much raved beauty palace.

The place felt very cozy, nicely decorated with long curtain drapes of deep red and gold in Roman Greek style. 

As rugged as I can be when I ride a bike, I actually love being dolled up too! You know, look pretty and all. I'm a girl after all.

Credits to Lady Gaga

No matter how waterproof make up claims to be, it can still smudge over time, especially under hours of sun, sweat and facial oil.

With the Prestige Eyebrow & Lash & Specialist's signature Creative 3D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery, using the latest technology in the beauty industry, I can rest easy in getting fuller and natural looking brows without having to worry looking like


Depending on different skin types, eyebrow embroidery can last up to 2 years. Not only does it save time and hassle having to draw them, but I can confidently enjoy outdoor activities like biking or swimming without worrying they will disappear halfway.

Creative 3D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery ($888 for 3 sessions)

Drawing & Shaping the Brow

Jacqueline was very patient and drew the shape of my brow multiple times before I finally agreed with the desired look. After all, this semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery will last for some time, you'd want to ensure its the look you are satisfied with.

Numbing Cream

After letting the numbing cream sit for 15 - 20 minutes, the eyebrow embroidery process started. Stroke by stroke, you can hear as if the coloring pen is cutting your skin. Sounds scary right? BUT! The whole process is actually PAINLESS.

I almost dozed off while Jacqueline worked her magic on my brows.

Korean Mink Eyelash Extensions ($128)

I don't put mascara and seldom wear fake lashes as I don't really like anything on my precious lashes. But Jacqueline managed to convince me to try theirs.

Boasting as the lightest and thinnest eyelash in the current beauty industry, I remained skeptical until I had them on my lashes.

Lash by lash, Jacqueline meticulously extended each of my lash with the Korean Mink Eyelashes and boy, does it look natural. Even super up-close, you can't see the difference between the real lash and the extension ones.

With Jacqueline

Weight-wise, I can still feel something sitting on my lashes but it's lighter than the one-piece eyelash extensions you buy off the shelves.

Depending on how gentle you are when removing your eye make up, the eyelash extensions can last up to 2 months (that's quite long).  I wake up everyday now to bright eyes even without any eye make up because the long lashes effect really opens up the eyes.

Bright eyes even with no eye make up for Race Day!
The Good

Bright eyes without having to do anything to them.

You don't have to worry about wearing cheap fake lashes and having them fall off halfway especially when you're out on a date or partying with your friends.

The Bad

You've gotta be really careful when removing eye make up and avoid rubbing the eyes otherwise you risk pulling out your real lash too :(

Now that I'm all prepped up, I'm ready for the party.

Want to have bright and beautiful eyes too?
Make an appointment with The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash & Specialist now :)

The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist
Address: Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road #03-08, Singapore 228210
Tel: 6733 3369

Friday, 10 April 2015

Part 1: Riding from Singapore - Mount Everest Base Camp, Solo

If you have a dream, never let anyone or anything stop you from making it a reality.

So much has been going on, and I'm very excited to finally share this with all of you!

Credits to nepaleveresttreks
This June, I will be riding my motorcycle, from Singapore all the way to MOUNT EVEREST Base Camp.


Traveling Across 6 Countries
Clocking Over 7,500KM
Ascending Up to Altitude of 5,100metres
From 33℃ (Singapore) to -0℃ (Mt.Everest Base Camp)

The Story: Beyond Everest (B.E.)


We all have our own "mountain" of challenges, "mountains" that we have to scale and get through before reaching the top, where our goals and our dreams are.

Nobody said it was gonna be easy, but stay determined, endure and persevere through tough times, have that little faith and don't stop believing. Eventually, you will get to where you want to be.

Riding is my passion, and it fueled my quest of traveling on my two wheelers from Singapore to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Working out regularly as I would need to be able to pick up my own bike more than once if necessary

Despite so much discouragement received from people I've spoken to about, warnings on the challenging road/off road conditions I will face, the long and tiring hours of riding continuously through drastic weather fluctuations from hot to cold, fixing my bike if it breaks down halfway, and the possibility of suffering from altitude sickness etc,..

I'm going, and I will get there :)

The Objective:

As a well-abled body working on my quest, named "Beyond Everest", the mission for this trip is to raise awareness for the Singapore Disability Sports Council, the organization supporting Team Singapore in the Paralympics, to help the athletes fulfill their dreams.

Sharing the same vision as SDSC, we hope to promote, through sports, the well-being of the disabled in Singapore, helping them to live full and independent lives. You could support them by donating or volunteering at the council. Every bit of help would go a long long way.

I hope through this journey and all my experiences that I will be sharing along the way, it will inspire our generation that regardless of whatever situation you are in, realize that each and every one of you has potentials to go beyond the boundaries, to make a positive impact on our society, to do what you never thought you could.

It's going to be a long ride, it's gonna be physically and mentally exhausting but I know it will be worth it.

I would need all the help and support I can get to complete this journey, so please contact me if you'd like to lend a helping hand :)