Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Gone Fishing!

Credits to roatanguide.
Yeah, that's MY idea of fishing when someone talks to me about it. Well.. it's an unrealistic expectation especially for a super newbie like me who have never touched a rod before.

So, since I was in Thailand for the Ducati Scrambler launch, I decided to extend my trip and crash my friends' holiday party. One of them is crazy about fishing, so here we are (Kanchanaburi), dragging our asses out early, to FISH.

I was actually quite excited because I'm not sure what I will catch.

Step 1: Take a WEFIE
With some late night partying and drinks the night before, check out our faces: We are SO awake.

The last thing you want is to see someone tipping over the boat, falling into the water while fishing because he/she is still having a hangover.

Oh wait, that would be the first thing I'd wanna see >:)

The Boss
We got on our lil cute sampan (boat) and sailed out into the fresh water lake. You wouldn't feel very safe in the boat if you were onboard with us (3 girls, 1 fishing for the first time). The possibility of someone falling over is potentially THERE.

Gears ready
The Boss was a kind man so he prepared our gears and whatever we needed the night beforehand so none of us can say "we are too tired/hungover/piggish, can we postpone this".

My bait!
There are mainly two kinds of baits: Artificial (plastic) and Natural (worms).
The fisher chooses its bait by the kind of fish he wants to catch, according to its habitat.

For us, there was this whole box of artificial colorful baits, with different kinds of fish-like/frog-like faces. I got green froggie.

"Watch your hook, please"

This was probably said to me many times as the minute I got my hands on the rod, hooks were seen flying in every direction. Suddenly, from a fishing game, it became DODGING game!

At one point, my girlfriend felt something tugging her top while I was facing the opposite direction, looking out in the vast open waters, asking

"hey, where is my bait? It's stuck somewhere but I can't see it"

A few seconds later, she screamed.

Each time I swung my bait into the water, the whole sampan rocked dangerously and everyone would scramble to find their footing.  

And they'd scream.

After an hour out in the still waters, I was reeling in for the hundredth time until somehow, my whole reel detatched itself and flew into the water. I have no idea how it happened. Thankfully for our boatman, he saved it with his net and scooped it back up. 

 And the boss screamed.

My very own first catch - A Hampala Barb
Finally, I felt something tugging my line and it just sent me into a jumping excitement mode!

"Something is pulling! GOT FISH GOT FISH!!"

Yay! My very first catch :D
It's not huge, definitely not what I had imagined it to be, but decent for it's breed (Hampala Barb/Sebarau).

And, my girlfriend's catch.
Ok, I'm going to crawl into some hole and hide myself.....

Definitely looking forward to my next fishing trip with great company ;) 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Happy Blessed Chinese New Year!

Back in Singapore! Back to my baby Ducati.

Just in time for some family & friends get togethers, ang bao collection and pineapple tarts indulgence. Here's wishing you a Happy Chinese New year!

May this year be filled with Love, Laughter and blessings in abundance.

Monday, 16 February 2015

My Valentine - Scrambler You Are - Ducati

2015 Ducati Scrambler

This Valentine's Day, much thanks to Ducati Singapore, I'm being flown to Thailand, Cha-Am, to be one of first in Asia to try out the All New Ducati Scrambler!

Credits to hoteldelapaix
Starting off early in the morning, I took the first flight of the day from Singapore to Bangkok by Thai International Airways before a 2.5 hour coach ride to the event location, Hotel De La Paix, Cha-Am.

Upon checking in, I'm greeted by the beautiful plush hotel and I love how detailed Ducati has put together the whole Scrambler theme with logos on every little item.

Hotel's beach front;Credits to hoteldelapaix
Located right next to the beach, about 20km from Hua Hin, I'm soaking into every bit of the surrounding ambiance of Cha-Am. After hours of traveling, it's always nice to just relax and have some personal R&R time. Ah....

Main view; Credits to hoteldelapaix
Before I know it, the sun was setting and it was time for the Ducati Scrambler Presentation.

Met the awesome bunch of people from Ducati team and media press from all over Southeast Asia (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam etc). With champagne in one hand and our cameras/recording devices in the other, we mingled before getting seated, ready for the show.

Ducati Panigale 899

I am curious and excited because I've noted that this is not a typical Ducati motorcycle, distanced from Ducati's super-sports super-sexy machines.

You'll see why.


Introducing the newest lifestyle bike of 2015, the DUCATI SCRAMBLER!

Born in the USA since 1962, and undergoing transformations for over half a century, the Ducati Scrambler now stands alone in its very own class. Redefining a new generation, sporting a new brand, unspooling nostalgia yet blending seamlessly in today's contemporary modernity.

It's A Lifestyle Bike 

Think of endless Fun, Freedom, a whole lot of Positivity and the element of YOLO. The Ducati Scrambler is launched together with it's own extensive line of accessories and apparels.

From caps to watches, T-shirts to jackets, boots to gloves etc. Designed to fit into our everyday lives, it's a whole lifestyle package.


With 4 different versions that each represents the different spirits of the Ducati Scrambler, (Icon, Classic, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle) every individual biker has the freedom to choose which style suits best according to their needs.

Not just that, but they can also customize their very own scrambler because the parts of the 4 models are interchangeable. As the word "scramble" means, is to mix and blend.

Model only haha
Now that we're done with the verbal introductory of the Ducati Scrambler, it has got us really excited for tomorrow's official test ride!

Good morning Scramblers!
What a delightful sight waking up to this bunch of bumble bees!

Hello Ducati Scrambler
What are we waiting for? Let's put on those helmets and gears!

Time to ride! Time to Scrambler!

Wheee! I'm having so much fun!
Covering a total distance of over 130km around Khaeng Krachan National Park, we tested the bike on straights and on bends through the mountainous roads in the Land of Smiles, Thailand. 

Safety is always ensured with the experienced marshals from Ducati and Police guiding us throughout the entire route.

When I try to look hippy and cool... This happens..... LOL. #epic

Stopped at the half point mark to dig into a scrumptious lunch in the woods, specially prepared for us! Again, I'm loving how detailed Ducati has gone down to their branding! Even the serviettes are printed with their cute logo :D

We then continued on and wrapped up the ride by a scenic lake before heading back to the hotel. 

The Icon Review


Comes in either Yellow or Red, the Icon model is packed with an L-twin air-cooled 803CC Desmodue engine and twin spar steel Trellis frame, shining bright with it's LED lighting instruments.

Features a teardrop-shaped tank made of steel with die-cast aluminium rear swingarm and interchangeable aluminium side panels. 


A relatively generous storage space under the seat can be somewhat useful, not forgetting to mention being able to charge your devices on the go with a in-built USB socket.

Riding Position

First thing I've observed when I sat on the bike was how comfortable is was with it's wide handlebars and low cushioned seat. Low seat (790mm), low weight (170kg) and low CG made it's overall manoeuvrability easy.


Throttle response is quick with an output of 75hp @ 8,250rpm, but can be noticeably sensitive in low gears though somewhat still manageable.


The Kayaba suspension has little room for adjustments both on front and rear ends and can feel slightly firm, but the ride remains a breeze as we wheeze through the mountainous bend. Braking is reassuring as always, thanks to its ABS and Brembo radical caliper.


Regular maintenance is only required at every 12,000km intervals. Super-saver.

Urban Enduro

As it's name suggests with an "X" logo stamped on it's tank, the Urban Enduro Scrambler is able to flexibly switch from city rides to country roads comfortably with a cross-brace handlebar, a higher mudguard, headlight grill and spoked wheels.

Painted in jungle-green and ribbed brown seat, it blends well both in the suburbs and countrysides. Headlight grill, fork protectors, sump guard and spoked wheels installed to ensure the bike is ready for light off-road riding.

Full Throttle

Spotting a more sporty feel especially with a short tail, the Full Throttle creation is inspired from flat track racing worlds. Featuring a set of Termignoni exhausts slung across on the low end and ergonomic tapered handlebars, it makes a decent daily-riding bike with a stronger racing character to rule the streets in it's class.


Styled with old school retro classic look yet encompassing the advanced technology and practical riding of this modern day is the Ducati Scrambler Classic. With it's signature "Wing" logo on it's orange tank, metal mudguard and lozenge-patterned stitches of the brown seat, this combination brings out the nostalgic flavour of the 1970s.

Scrambler You Are

The Ducati Scrambler works a humbling performance paired with efficacious marketing campaigns that has created a positive impact so far. According to Ducati UK, they have received more than 200 orders for this contemporary lifestyle bike. Apart from all the social media waves created, the Ducati Scrambler settles as a rider-friendly two wheeler that is simple and enjoyable.

What an amazing experience it has been at the Ducati Scrambler Asia Press Test and thanks so much to Ducati for putting it all together so wonderfully!

Now, are you ready to Scrambler?