Sunday, 9 August 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!

They have it up on their cars, houses, and even our F16 Black Knights in the skies.
Now, I've got it on my ride ;)

Celebrating Singapore's 50th Birthday this 9th August 2015. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

2015 SBK ein FIM World Superbike Championship : A Supercharged Weekend At Sepang International Circuit

No offense but as much as I appreciate Chanel Fashion in it's most stunning showcases, watching hardcore racers and their beastly-machines take down corners at the track is just so much more rousing! (Rousing, not arousing ah please).

So let's get readahhh for World Superbike Championship at Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!