Countries I've Been To

Here are the places that I've been privileged to travel to so far. Some of which I've been to only once, some of them I've been to more than 2 - 3 times.

Be it fly by a plane, running by a train, or on my two wheeler, there's definitely more countries to come for my exploration in the near future!

New Zealand, Christchurch - My all time favorite country
Amsterdam, Holland
Taiwan, Qing Jing
Cairo, Egypt - The Pyramids

France, Paris - Arc De Triomphe
Male, Maldives
Manchester - Old Trafford
Russia, Moscow - St Basil's Cathedral
France, Paris - The Effiel Tower
Indonesia, Bali
Italy, Rome - The Colosseum

South Korea, Bukchon

Middle East, Dubai - Burj Al Arab

Japan, Hokkaido
Japan, Tokyo
Italy, Venice

Australia, Melbourne, Victoria - London Arc

Japan, Mt. Fuji Q Highland - Guiness World Record Roller Coaster

Switzerland, Zurich
Australia, Sydney - Blue Mountain
London - Big Ben
USA, Houston, Texas
Russia, Moscow - Kremlin