Monday, 6 January 2020

2D1N Round Trip Touring Ride from Singapore to Malacca For Just $60!

A brand new year is here and what better way to start 2020 with a ride up North from Singapore! Who else have got their touring adventures all sorted out or maybe in the midst of planning?

Man, that touring vibe never fails to rub off me. Whenever I'm seated comfortably in a car and I see bikers all geared up zooming past me, I feel this strong urge to be out there on my bike too!

Schedule for January was looking pretty tight with a few work and travels lined up but still, I wanted to hit the roads even just for a day or two.

It also really helps when my bike is insured by DirectAsia Insurance, where their motorcycle policy coverage extends from Singapore all the way through the whole of West Malaysia, even up to 80KM from Thailand's Southern border.

So... I actually have the option to do a 2D1N ride all the way to Hat Yai, Thailand and be covered through the whole journey. But seriously, I don't think my back will survive LOL. It would literally be like "Touch n Go" which I think is crazy hahah but I know there are some of you hard-core ones out there who have done it, several times maybe.

Anyway being sufficiently insured is always necessary in case of any unforeseen circumstances and it definitely gives me an additional peace of mind whenever I ride into our neighbouring country.

I decided to do a short and sweet easy 2D1N touring ride from Singapore to Malacca - A historic state in Malaysia, rich in heritage buildings, ancient landmarks, colonial structures and not forgetting loads of yummy street foods too! #willtravelforfood

Touring can be an expensive hobby, but it can be extremely affordable too, depending on your destination and the planning or logistics involved.

Having done longer distance touring rides over the last few years, such as my #BeyondEverest ride from Singapore to China and Tibet where it required a lot more time, costs, planning and execution, I gotta say it is actually nice to hop on my bike and just head off on an impromptu touring ride that doesn't require much time, money or planning in advanced!

Whether you're a beginner who just started riding, or a seasoned biker just looking for a short getaway over 48 hours with your buddies or for some me-time, I hope this travel itinerary of mine can be of reference to you!

The total distance of this trip covered? Approx 490KM.
The total spendings? Just SGD $60.

Now, let's think about it... What can you do with SGD $60?

You can enjoy a scrumptious dinner at a buffet that you'll finish in about 2 hours. Have a drink or two at a bar. Catch a movie with a friend and munch on some snacks.

Or how about a 2D1N ALL-INCLUSIVE motorcycle trip to Malaysia while experiencing the winds on your skin, that freedom unleashed, be spoilt for choice with endless foods and learn about some cultural history at a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Yes, you read that right.

That cost includes fuel for the round trip ride, breakfast at Yong Peng, a good night's sleep at a quirky Peranakan hotel that includes breakfast the next morning and indulge in all the yummy street foods on Jonker Street.

Don't believe me? Let me take your through :)

10:30AM/ Singapore - Gelang Patah

Dumped all my essentials into my little backpack and headed off to Gelang Patah Petron where I met up with Deb.

Didn't refuel my bike cuz it seemed to be already half full when I entered Malaysia and since we were gonna stop at Yong Peng, I'll just refuel there if needed.

Located just over 110KM from Singapore, our first stop Yong Peng is an easy 45 minutes ride on North-South Highway.

It is a small town in Johor where majority of the residents are Chinese, and there are plenty of mouth-watering local foods!

Because it is located not far from Singapore, Yong Peng is quite a popular stop for breakfast drives/rides.

11:20AM/ Yong Peng

Apart from the usual famous fishball noodles or Bak Ku Teh, I'm diving straight in for some Hok Chew noodles at Atap OD coffee shop located here. Not sure if any of you have been here before but they serve up really good fried noodles and lor mee.

Just the thought of it makes me drool in my helmet already~

Food is served!! But I'm still kinda stoning while hydrating first because the weather was pretty darn hot.

Ok let's dig in!

We ordered 1.5 serving of the Hok Chew Noodles (RM8), plus Fish Cake (RM4.50) and some drinks.

As you can tell.. this isn't a very nice photo of the noodles hahah because sorry, it has already been half eaten. Deb was too eager to try so she dug in while I was still stoning so, no nice food photo!

But this doesn't make the noodles any less delicious!

Total bill for two was RM22.80, which makes RM11.40 each.

With our tummies satisfied and before the food coma kicks in, we geared up and continued our way to Malacca which was about 116KM away from Yong Peng.

It was a weekday and traffic wasn't exactly light. There were many trailers and trucks on the highway. At times when all the lanes were packed with cars, we'd travel on the road shoulder before going back on the main road when it was clear. Be careful even when the road shoulder is clear of any traffic though as there are debris lying around at times.

At Pagoh R&R, we decided to refuel since my reserve light just came on and I bet nobody wants to risk getting stuck on the highway without having enough petrol! #beentheredonethat Even friends who love you will hate you for making them bring petrol to you hahahah.

Approximately 11L of fuel set me back at RM23.61.

And off we continued straight on into...


1:45PM/ Malacca

I don't know about you haha but Deb and I both know that upon arriving into Malacca and after showering all, we'd probably be too lazy to have to ride to Jonker Street if we stayed elsewhere even if it's in the city centre.

So we decided to stay at Hotel Puri Melaka which was located in Jonker itself, but tucked in a quiet street, just 2 minutes walk away from the main bustling area.

The entrance had a heritage feel with an elegant spiral wooden staircase leading to the second floor of rooms. The lounge area were also furnished with antique pieces commonly seen in the olden times.

With an open concept al fresco cafeteria, this is where hotel guests can dine in at and have breakfast.

Our twin room was of good size at 24 sqm, with more than enough space to lay our gears and bags everywhere. Or if Deb gets wasted after drinking too much beer and doesn't make it to the bed, the spacious room floor can accommodate her too! Hahahh.

The bathroom was basic, nothing fancy but as long as it's clean, we're good.

Many hotels in Malacca state online that they have carpark on site but more often than not, they are public street parking located near the hotel instead of a private carpark on the hotel's premise itself.

Secured parking is very important to us, so thankfully Hotel Puri Melaka had a private carpark that is gated, with CCTVs installed.

All in all, a night's stay here cost us RM181.55 including taxes, which works out to be RM90.7 each.

Jonker Street

After the smooth check in, we refreshed up and headed out onto Jonker Street to eat and explore!

Jonker 88 is well known for their ice cold Baba Cendol and,

 their Special Jumbo Laksa (RM10.50).

We weren't big fans of that dessert so we skipped it and went straight for two huge bowls of Laksa. Just look at that thick savoury curry base wooohooo.

The weather was hot, and this is how you make it hotter LOL.

After slurping up that bowl of spicy goodness, you don't need no lipstick or lip fillers to get a nice plumped up sausage lip hahah.

What better way to soothe the spice from our burning tongue with a refreshing Mango smoothie (RM5) topped with real sweet mangoes!

Just look at that eager greedy face.... waiting to devour the whole cup.

Jonker Street Night Market is only open from Fridays to Sundays where the roads are closed and vendors start setting up their stalls from 6PM.

From clothings,

to all kinds of street food,

and yes, more food! It's really a non-stop eating heaven.

I don't think my stomach has even digested the fried noodles we had at Yong Peng and after stuffing myself with some more food here in Malacca, I can't eat anymore otherwise my stomach feels like it's about to explode.

We chilled by the river and observed street art painted on the side of these shophouse buildings that brings the whole ambience so much more vibrancy and quirk.

When night fall came, we checked out some more interesting stalls before...

Yes, you guessed it right.

We continued to pig out again... Seriously, I feel like I'm eating three days worth of food. But they're all so cheap and good! This tasty fried carrot cake (RM5) has a really fragrant burnt taste that once you eat, you can't seem to stop. How to resist!

Ok we're so done for the day (and night), it's time to head back to the hotel to grab some rest as we're riding back to Singapore tomorrow morning!

Got up at 6:30AM, had the hotel breakfast (they had fried noodles so we consider it not bad haha) and moved off from Malacca!

There's something invigorating about early morning rides.. Maybe it's that cold crisp air, the sound of birds singing, and it sure feels good to be riding around before the world wakes.

Back on North South Highway, we felt the crosswinds at various points that would either push our heads to the side or sway our bikes a little while we rode. Sometimes, it happens right next to these huge-ass trailers so it's good to pass them as quickly as possible!

We cruised at a comfortable speed and made one last refuel stop that cost me RM38 at Gelang Patah before entering back into Singapore!

Thank you Malacca for always being such an easy-going friendly place to travel to, and so enjoyable even if the stay is short.

Total cost of the trip? RM184.21 (SGD $61.40)!

There you have it! A short and sweet touring ride that wouldn't break your wallet! :)

Ride safe, and don't forget to always ride insured! Check out DirectAsia Insurance for a list of comprehensive coverage that suits you and your bike best!

[Singapore. Malacca. Singapore]
[Mileage Clocked: 490KM]
[Terrain: Tarmac]
[Traffic: Moderate]
[Temperature/Weather: 31°C/Hot]