Thursday, 21 June 2018

Shiro Aesthetic Clinic - Lift Your Spirits (And Face) with HIFU!

More often than not, passion usually comes with a price.

Riding to a village in Philippines

I'm ever thankful for the indescribable joys that motorcycling around the world brings me,

Shooting a ride scene with Channel NewsAsia under the blazing hot sun
but it pains me to see my skin suffer because constantly being very exposed to different weather climates, riding long hours, removing and putting on the helmet over years can actually speed up the skin's aging process.

Not having mention that as we age, our skin produces less collagen and supporting fibres of our skin grows weaker, causing everywhere to sag UGH.

And I don't know if I've been indulging in too much sinful food or what but I've started to notice double-chin appearing! Like omg wth I need to rid it immediately.

So, like every vain pot woman who desires to defy the signs of aging, I decided to try Shiro Aesthetic Clinic's highly raved HIFU Toning treatment, along with my favourite 2 in 1 Aqua Luxe (Hydropeel) + Diamond Microdermabrasion facial!

HIFU - meaning High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a treatment that has gained quite a lot of popularity across the world of aesthetics because it's non-invasive, yet delivers fast results, that lasts.

To me, I've always understood that the same treatment type can be available across different clinics, but under the hands of a trusty well-trained professional applying the right technique, the results could be so different!

I've been visiting Shiro Aesthetic Clinic for my facial needs and have been a pretty satisfied customer, so when I decided to try out HIFU, I was delighted that they have it on their menu list!

In fact, they are the first in Singapore to pioneer HIFU Toning technique that provides an extraordinary lifting effect for the skin while tightening up any sagging and droop.

What I love hearing about the HIFU treatment is that it aims to slim the face, giving that V-shape effect, while being non-surgical and requires zero downtime, so I can resume work and other activities right after!

Off we start with the Aqua Luxe (Hydropeel), a luxurious deep cleansing anti-oxidant treatment that effectively cleanses my entire face and neck.

Followed by a gentle exfoliation with Diamond Microdermabrasion that gets rid of all those dead skin cells with a diamond-encrusted applicator and a powerful suction force that removes all sorts of dirt accumulated, especially near the hairline area where I tend to sweat a lot too.

Finishing off with a deep nourishing mask that replenishes all the nutrients that my skin has been lacking.

Fresh face! I personally love this treatment because my skin feels super squeaky clean and bright right after that. Plus, it almost immediately lightens those acne/pimple scars!

HIFU is up next!

But first, some numbing cream is applied to minimise discomfort during the HIFU process as Dr. Zhang did advise that first-time patients do usually experience different intensity of it, depending on how much fat cells you have. The more fatty tissue you have, the less pain.

I'd say my tolerance level for pain is medium, so I'm waiting to see how I'd fare with HIFU.

After the numbing cream set in, got my inner cheeks stuffed with some cotton gauze to "push out" the fatty parts so that the HIFU application process can evenly reach every part of the area to treat.

And HIFU Toning begins!

How It Works

Now this is the delivery of advanced high intensity focused ultra sound waves being sent to as deep as depths of 3.0 - 4.5mm of the skin, penetrating to the deeper layers of the targeted skin area.

Sending concentrated HIFU energy to deeper skin layers effectively stimulates higher levels of collagen production, resulting in a longer lasting lift.

My targeted areas are mainly the lower cheek and chin, in hope to have more V-shape effect.

Upon first contact of HIFU, I experienced some tingling prickly sensation.. followed by yes, some form of aching discomfort. My facial nerves where the HIFU energy was penetrating through felt rather uncomfortable, but it got better after awhile.

Skin starting to turn a bit red, which Dr.Zhang advised normal
When the HIFU moved over my under chin area, I felt the inner part of my throat itch a bit. But it is all still bearable.

The HIFU treatment lasted about 20 minutes for each side of the face, so the total treatment process was about 40 minutes. The surface of my skin experienced mild rash and some redness due to slight sensitivity of the HIFU, so I felt the need to cover my face while walking back to my bike and riding straight home LOL.

Thankfully (phew!) the skin rash and redness subsided by the end of the day.

Left: Before // Right: 1 day post HIFU + Hyropeel Facial

Here's the results!

I loved that my skin is glowing, thanks to the Hydropeel Facial treatment!

As for HIFU, I noticed slight lifting, more likely because there's still a bit of swelling at the treated area after the procedure which gets better after a few weeks.

1 week post HIFU

Dr. Zhang did advise that for patients trying HIFU for the first time, it could take up to 3 - 4 weeks for the skin's inner layers to heal. During the wound healing process, it stimulates skin tightening and collagen regeneration, leaving the skin firmer and facial contours more defined in time.

It's great for double chin too! Which I still have :..(

After which the post-treatment results could be more visible, varying from patient to patient. It is recommended to see optimal results after 2 - 3 sessions of HIFU, and the natural lifting effects could last pretty long if you maintain your skin well!

Very happy to try my first trial HIFU session today at just $388.00!

Looking forward to my next visit because this treatment sounds like a pretty good investment to me ;)

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