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The Accident That Made Me Switch to DirectAsia Insurance 5 Years Ago

My very first motorcycle at 18 years old was a pre-loved KTM200EGS. 

Back then, it didn’t really mattered to me which company I purchased my motorcycle insurance from. Besides, at that young of an age, there were very limited insurance companies to choose from.

As a student then, I went for the cheapest option - 3rd party coverage, which cost me close to $1,000 per annum for my dirt bike.

Yeah, it’s steep. I know. 

I guess the calculation was based mainly on age and having zero riding experience.

Over the next few years, despite obtaining my Class 2 motorcycle license, I remained riding my trusty Suzuki DR200 as I never had the thought of riding bigger capacity motorcycles because they were all so big and heavy.. I just never thought I could handle it.  

Until one day, I decided to..

I wiped out a chunk of my savings, and got myself a Ducati Hypermotard, while having two other bikes - a KTM200EGS and a Suzuki DR200. 

Owning a Ducati was indeed a dream come true.

Now, Ducatis, the Ferrari of motorcycles, are expensive machines, and so are their spare parts which could easily cost $300 and above, per part.

That was when I saw the need to be insured by a fully comprehensive coverage to ensure my pockets won’t go up in flames from motorcycle repairs should an unfortunate incident happen. 

You know.. its an unexplainable feeling of freedom and pleasure riding a motorcycle but we can’t deny the fact that it comes with a pretty high share of risks. 

Furthermore, I was an everyday-rider, which inevitably increases my chances of getting caught in an accident.

From the comfort of my home, I went online to search for the best insurance policy.
It was really convenient that many companies offered instant online quotes! 

The first company I tried gave me a quote of $2,500 for a comprehensive policy with $600 excess, which blew my helmet away.

Next, I tried DirectAsia Insurance and was quoted $1,300 for a $300 excess comprehensive policy. 

What?! That’s almost a whopping 50% difference.

Lastly, just to be sure I found the best deal, I went onto one other insurance company that quoted $2,000 with similar terms. 

My choice was obvious.

DirectAsia had exactly what I needed – It was the most competitive-priced policy with the widest coverage. 

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But, like many skeptical motorists out there, I wasn’t sure if DirectAsia would live up to my expectations when it comes to claims. So I asked some people about its attractive pricing but instead of rejoicing, quite a number of them said “So cheap! Sure very hard to claim one if anything happen!”

Well, I was certainly not intending to be ripped off by a $2,500 policy. Hence, with a leap of faith, I purchased my comprehensive policy with DirectAsia

I recalled it being such a breeze – Fill in the basic details, a few clicks, made the payment online and viola! The policy was e-mailed to me within minutes. Faster than me frying scrambled eggs!

As much as none of us wish any motorists to meet with an accident, I unfortunately did, some time later.

That was when the voices of  critics and scepticism about DirectAsia started to sound in my head, and I started to get a little worried.

“How do I go about this?”
“What if they won’t assist me in my claims?”
“What if they’re going to take a few years to settle this?”
“How much would I have to pay for my hospital bills and vehicle repair?”

Then I realize, those who shed negativity on DirectAsia with me weren’t even their policy holders, and have never been.

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Unsure of what I should do, I made the call to DirectAsia and explained the whole situation to Juliana Wee, the claim specialist who attended to me.

Distressed, I told her how unconfident I was in claiming against the third party despite the fault lying in his inconsiderate driving, and if need be I will claim against my own policy before bearing the consequence of my premium soaring upon the next renewal. 

I escaped the accident with some abrasions and the damages on my motorcycle were purely minor cosmetic, but I was just so afraid because I’ve heard so many incidents where even though the third party was at fault, after months or even years of claim processing, the end result was a 50-50. Furthermore, there wasn't any collision between the third party's vehicle and mine, I figured it might be tricky.. though I had a witness.

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Juliana was caring, first asking me if I was okay and told me to see a doctor if I was injured. I was just miserably wailing away “my bike injured my bike injured OMG HELP”

She calmed me down by patiently advising what is going to happen, what I should do from hereon, filing of the GIA report, how the investigation process would be like and so on.

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Through the next few weeks, I followed her advises as she guided me at every step of the way, muting all the uncertainties and worries that arose initially.

8 weeks later, I rejoiced upon receiving an e-mail from her, stating that DirectAsia have successfully made 100% recovery claim from the third party, (HALLELUJAH) and my premium will not be affected at all, even for the following renewals.

I was so impressed with how DirectAsia professionally and promptly handled my whole case. 

I was extremely satisfied with the final outcome and since 2013, ALL my motorcycles are insured with DirectAsia. #truestory. 

Managing my policies has been such a breeze and needless to say, my latest Ducati 899 Panigale superbike is insured with DirectAsia as well.

Truly believing that DirectAsia have their policyholders’ interest at heart, I’ve definitely gained more confidence when I’m out riding on the roads, knowing in my heart that my precious two-wheel babies are well insured.

Because that's what they deserve.

Good things must be shared!

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