Sunday, 11 June 2017

Taiwan: The All New Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter & Angel Scooter Tyre Launch 2017

It was just three months ago during Autumn where I was circling around the entire Taiwan on two wheels

and it sure feels good to be back again in this vibrant country for none other than..

 the launch of Pirelli's All New Diablo Rosso Scooter and Angel Scooter this Summer!

Now if you've ever been to Taiwan, you'd realize that their roads are dominated mainly by scooters.

I mean like, seriously.

I still clearly remember the day I was riding in Taipei city and was overwhelmed by the swarm of scooters zipping in all directions everywhere. It felt pretty intimidating riding amongst that huge volume of scooters and it didn't help that they were going fast!

The uprising of the scooter trend is happening not just in Taiwan but in fact, around the world.

We are seeing more consumers opting for bigger capacity sporty scooters (500 - 600 CC) like the Tmax or BMW C650GT etc., to meet the demands of their ever-changing lifestyle and transportation needs.

That's where the Diablo Rosso Scooter comes in to play,

while the Angel Scooter is catered for the smaller capacity bikes such as the Honda SH300i or PGOs where they're heavily used for transport as seen in Asian countries.

Speaking from my personal point of view where my both my Ducatis have been fitted on with the Pirelli Diablo Rosso III (city riding / occasional track) and

the Pirelli Angel GT (urban riding / touring), I can fully say that I'm satisfied with the benefits the respective tyres have delivered for the various motorcycling activities that I've been involved in so far.

Special thanks to Pirelli for the exclusive invitation to their Scooter's Press Launch here in Tai

we were filled in with first hand information via the Product Presentation and it is indeed a delight to see the Scooter market benefiting from the Diablo Rosso and Angel families with their new tyre launch below:

Diablo Rosso Scooter 

As the name suggests, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter is derived from the award-winning Rosso series where they share similar properties such as a sporty profile, high performance silica compounds and the signature "flash" racing tread pattern.

From urban environments to touring through windy mountain passes, riders would benefit with the tyre's optimal grip in different road conditions with agile handling and performance's consistency.

Angel Scooter

With new compounds added and going through a vulcanisation process for a stiffer structure, the Angel Scooter tyre is made for the daily commuter who uses their scooters all year round,

predominantly over short distances where the rider could benefit from the tyre's durability, comfort, ensuring more effective braking in short distances while maintaining an overall well-balanced behaviour.

If you've ever been to cities like Bangkok, Phnom Penh, or Taipei, and observe the general riding behaviour in those kinda erratic traffic conditions,

PC: bikebandit
you'd nod away as to how important is it to have motorcycling tyres that could deliver the needs of those bikers.

With the knowledge of all that technical stuff and written benefits and promised tyre properties, it's time to put those rubbers to the test.

From left: With team Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong

Beating the heat

Believe it or not, this is actually my first time riding a scooter,

and I must say, doing it in my full leather gears has never felt safer, LOL.

First few laps saw me getting accustomed to the tank-less and clutch-less automatic PGO motorcycle,

before the fun really kicked in when I found myself impressed with the maximum grip of the Angel Scooter tyres especially at the corners, which significantly boosted my confidence to make tighter turns as I clocked lap after lap.

An adequate amount of stability was observed during hard braking, even during the wet road test.

As we were testing the rubbers in a go-kart track which is much smaller and it comprises of sharper bends, we were able to experience the agility of the tyres when we had to go from a left to a right bend almost immediately.

Never knew these were what the higher-performance sporty scooters could achieve until I witnessed the other riders scraping their knee sliders like no tomorrow,

omg I look like I'm taking a stroll in the park while the rider behind me is on a hunt LOL

clearly enjoying the optimal grip and performance consistency of the Diablo Rosso Scooter tyres while indefinitely having a lot of fun through the ride on track!

Overall, with the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter and Angel Scooter encompassing a greater level of stability, agility and performance advanced through technology,

it could definitely see riders benefiting from an increased level of comfort when being out in different weather and road conditions, while ensuring a higher level of safety which no rider should ever be compromised of.

Diablo Rosso Scooter Sizes

Angel Scooter Sizes

Exhausted from the heat after the tyre testing track session, but all my energy level comes back up the minute I think about shopping in Taipei.

Girls will be girls, you know.

Special thanks to Pirelli for this exclusive invitation to the Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter & Angel Scooter 2017 launch! Much thanks to Pirelli Taiwan for such a well-organized event that enabled everyone present to have such an educational and wonderful experience.

Now that we've got the Scooter market some new shoes in place, it's time for me to slide into my very own pair as I gear myself for the non-stop shopping & eating marathon in Taipei city!

Find Your Pirelli Scooter Tyres at:
Hodaka Motoworld
10 Kaki Bukit Road #01-08
KB Industrial House
Singapore 416175

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Day 1 #Ride&Dive : Singapore > Manila, Philippines : Inside Racing Bike Festival & Trade Show

It's been about 3 years since I last visited Philippines as I reminisce the wonderful memories I had in Boracay back then and I've been talking about doing a RIDE & DIVE trip in this country filled with many amazing dive spots!

Pc: kurt amsler
Home to some of the world's top dive sites, it's a diver's paradise here and I'm so excited that it's finally happening!!

Pc: cntraveller
It's hard to believe it but Philippines actually comprises of over 7,000 islands,

with Manila being the country's capital.

It's my first time here and what better way to kickstart my #Ride&Dive trip by checking out Philippines biggest bike fest, the Inside Racing Bike Festival & Trade Show!

All thanks to Metzeler Philippines and Motoworld Philippines for this exclusive invitation!

To Be Continued...

Saturday, 20 May 2017

A Biker's Point of View : Checking Out The All New Toyota C-HR 1.8L Hybrid Car

Being a motorcyclist for close to a decade now (crap, time sure flies haha) and having test ridden a number of different bikes, I can't help but feel excited to try out my very first car review with none other than the all new Toyota C-HR 1.8L Hybrid.

Courtesy of Liberty Auto Boutique.

pc: releaseoncar

With the global automotive industry swerving towards adapting healthier emission standards, I'm beginning to notice an uprising trend in Hybrid cars so let us check out the immediate advantages of driving one:

- Environmental friendly

- Significant reduced fuel cost

- Fewer fuel emissions

- No idling

Having indulged in the rugged side of motorcycling, from racing down the track with defeaning exhaust pipes screaming away,

to swimming in mud pools during my occasional dirt biking activities,

I think I could appreciate a sporty looking car that is yet quiet, drives in ease and comfort, with great fuel efficiency because the petrol prices in Singapore ain't exactly cheap :/

Purchasing a car in Singapore is a big commitment so it is important to be sure that the car you fancy, is the one that will serve you well to your needs. Hence, a sufficient test drive on the roads could help when it comes to the decision-making.

Liberty Auto Boutique is one of Singapore's newest car importer that offers road-registered test drive units for the latest fleet of cars in the market, not having mention their competitive prices for various makes and models of cars that they carry. And this is where I booked my Toyota C-HR for the test drive!

The name C-HR stands for Coupe High Rider, and the first impression of this compact crossover is its distinctive styling elements with sharp lines running through from the front to the rear end of the car, with the rear door handles sneakily mounted at the extreme corner, enhancing the overall sporty look.

pc: car junction

This automated transmission front-wheel drive comes in 8 different colors to choose from,

and how generous it is of Liberty Auto Boutique to throw in complimentary leather seats of your choice to replace the original boring black fabric ones.

Sporting a futuristic sculptured exterior, peering into its interior revealed some level of sophistication with its diamond-inspired designs reflected on the side door panels, the roof lining, the speaker grills and even on the side mirrors.

The dashboard feels plush wrapped in leather and a hint of elegance is nicely displayed with the console trim in sparkling piano black.

With its keyless entry and ignition, time to get those engines rolling and find out how well the Toyota C-HR drives!

As I was on the go, pairing my favourite Spotify playlist to the Infotainment via Bluetooth was a breeze and song selection was easy with its touch screen function, though it was disappointing that it did not have any Navigation system.

The console runs deep and has multiple generous cupholder size that can fit up to 1.5L bottles where we could load up on drinks to keep hydrated on the drive.

The leather-stitched telescopic steering wheel delivered easy handling with wide turning radius and its multifunctional-control features just make things more convenient; from answering a phone call, to adjusting the volumes, and activating cruise control etc.

pc: hybrid life

What makes the Toyota C-HR dominate in the safety tech aspect is having the Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) installed across all its models, where currently no other cars in the same class can match its level of technology. This is helpful because it aids in the prevention of collision with objects/vehicles that happen to fall in your blind spot, such as motorcyclists.

Added safety assurances include the Autonomous Emergency Braking, Pedestrian Detection and Lane Departure Warning to help in accident prevention.

It also comes equipped a string of other useful features like the Intelligent Park Assist via the rear view camera,

Satelight Navigation, Dual Zone Climate Control and Cruise Control that is perfect for long drive road trips.

The front feels roomy and spacious as I enjoyed the comfortable drive so far, while observing how fuel efficient this twin powered engine (gasoline engine and electric motor) is, conserving as much energy as possible. A drive from Woodlands to East Coast and back to Woodlands did not see the fuel gauge metre dip one bit! #truestory

The suspension keeps the car composed through the corners and humps, and its well tuned brakes provide adequate amount of confidence when coming to a stop.

It's nice to take a break at the back seat once in a while, and it's surprising to find sufficient headroom space in the rear despite the car's sloping roofline though the small rear windows can cause some to feel a little on the claustrophobic side.

Boot space is average but it can be further increased with the option of putting the backseats down completely. The hard top cover is also an added safety feature to prevent your valuables from the eyes of lurking vehicle thefts.

Overall Verdict:

I love the idea of how fuel efficient and environmental friendly the Toyota C-HR is, and ths Hybrid would appeal to those who fancy a futuristic and sporty looking SUV that offers an incredibly quiet and comfortable drive through the city. 

The combination of a spacious front seat and wife dashboard provides an airy feel with sufficient torque for the chill out drivers. Ultimately, it will get you from one destination to another in ease despite any traffic congestion, which is what a daily driver in Singapore could work well with :) 

Book your test drive with Liberty Auto Boutique today to find out how well it drives!

Liberty Auto Boutique
81 Tagore Lane, Tag A
Singapore 787502
Tel: 6816 0101