Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Saint.CC - Wearing The World's Strongest #Unbreakable Motorcycle Denim

Denim is one of the most common clothing worn around the world; from fashion, to work, to motorcycling.

PC: Matalan

It's such a versatile fabric that could be worn to so many occasions in hundreds of different ways - from jeans, to skirts, to jackets and jumpers varying through different grades of denim.

PC: Saint.cc

Now as we witness the motorcycling culture take a turn towards the direction of lifestyle-based, Saint.cc have claimed to have created the world's first single layer protection for motorcyclists with the world's strongest denim.

That way, neither Fashion or Safety is compromised.

Designed for riders by riders, Saint.cc have produced the latest impact abrasion resistant fibres for motorcycle denims without any bulky layers or liners.

Through stretching, spinning and blending industrial and military application threads with fabrics like merino and cotton, they have created the #Unbreakable Denim, a functional riding apparel for riders who are style-conscious.

Crash test proven, Saint.cc's #Unbreakable 6.0 is their strongest denim to date, with it being 200 times stronger than standard denim.

pc: saint.cc

To back up their statement with their #Unbreakable material, we witness the denim being abused by a belt sander, to being used as a chin-up bar and repeatedly attacked with sharp knives.

Check out their video here .

PC: Dyneema
Adding to the strong factor, Dyneema® fiber technology used in Saint.cc's range of high fashion safety wear is also utilized by both USA and UK military personal and vehicle armor. It is woven through Carbon Fibre to significantly increase resistance, strength and durability.

The Dyneema® fiber is most concentrated on all impact zones on Saint.cc's #Unbreakable collection, such as knees and elbows, while the remaining areas are covered sufficiently to ensure maximum protection while retaining the wearer's flexibility and comfort.

We used to hear about Kevlar denim solutions that has since been outdated and if you've personally tried it like I did, you'd know that it's heavy with little flexibility. Wearing it under Singapore's hot and humid climates makes it even more uncomfortable.

Compare it with Saint.cc's denim that I found to be lightweight and rather breathable, yet offering the same abrasion resistance, I'd take the latter anytime.

It almost feels like wearing your regular denim, just that this is a hundred times stronger!

However, do note that these are fashion apparels that come without armours, unlike the conventional motorcycling gear brands. I think they're great for short city rides but would recommend a more comprehensive safety gear for longer distance touring!

Find out more at Saint.cc here!


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